human-centered design + mindfulness

A Mindful Society

I helped start A Mindful Society, an annual conference where leaders discuss integrating mindfulness and compassion into society. I bring a design thinking approach to co-create the event with attendees.

A Community Approach to a Mindful Society

A Mindful Society explores how we might integrate mindfulness and compassion into healthcare, education, business, government, and our personal lives.  So far, our events have attracted hundreds of attendees and included world-renowned speakers like Dan Siegel, Shauna Shapiro, Judson Brewer, Thupten Jinpa, Brother Phap Hai, Chris Ruane, Don Morrison, Norm Farb, Zindel Segal, and more. We also invite leaders from the local community to lead interactive workshops and activities, including meditation practice sessions and open conversations.


Co-creating the Conference with Attendees

From the beginning, our unique approach has been to go beyond a platform for speakers. Our intention was to create a container for dialogue. We took a human-centered design approach, using surveys and large-scale collaborative workshops to help us understand our attendees and capture their experiences and motivations on the front lines of this work. This has helped us thematically define our content and programming while also serving as a wonderful interactive experience where attendees can connect with each other and converse about deep issues in the field.


Integrative Across Disciplines and Worldviews

Our inclusive conference welcomes all participants to explore different applications of mindfulness, regardless of background, professional industry, personal beliefs or personal practice. Our goal is not to create a meditation retreat, nor a talking-head scientific conference. Instead, we have a 10-year plan to build an engaged mindfulness community aimed at making a difference in Toronto and in the world. Check out the video below, then come join us at our fourth event in May 2018!