human-centered design + mindfulness


I serve as an advisor and coach for Brightmind, structuring design process, advocating for UX research, adding rigor to product development, and helping the team avoid common pitfalls in launching a new product.

Avoiding a Disaster Scenario through UX Testing

Brightmind serves as a digital meditation coach with a teaching algorithm designed by renowned mindfulness teacher Shinzen Young. I was brought on to contribute to design workshops, where I helped refine concepts. When I heard the team was ready to start implementing, I issued a strong warning, recommending UX testing first. I dove in and helped structure a lean research process and coach the team on moderation and analysis, and that first session revealed serious issues with the design. This led the team to completely halt development plans and establish an iterative design process. My early contributions helped Brightmind avoid the disaster scenario of launching with a failing concept. Since then, the team has fully embraced the importance of UX, and I've continued to coach them through research and design as the product grows in reach and scope.