User Experience + Mindfulness

15+ UX / UI Consulting Projects

My vision is to have an exponential positive impact on people’s lives. I’m currently working as an independent contractor; the goal is to empower 50+ organizations with a truly human-centered design process. I’m well on my way, serving as a coach and collaborator for a range of partners. My rates are much more affordable than market, but the caveat is that I only work on value-aligned projects. Get in touch for more info.

Currently Ongoing Projects: KYO, WE, Retreat Guru, America Offline, Daily Haloha


Brightmind: Coaching and Advisory

Brightmind is the digital meditation platform for Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness system. As an advisor and coach to executive leadership, I helped the team avoid a disaster scenario by advocating a delay in their development plans to make space for lean UX testing. I coached the team through their first UX research sessions which inspired them to incorporate a more human-centered process with my help. The result? A vastly improved app experience with 4.7 stars based on 436 reviews in the app store.


Koru Mindfulness: Blue Sky Sprint

Koru is an evidence-based curriculum for teaching mindfulness to college students. Given such a technophilic audience, the Koru companion app was not fully realizing its potential to serve students. On a limited budget, I empowered the team to go back to the drawing board through a design sprint. We mapped the entire 4 week program, drew 50+ storyboards of new approaches, and tested some radically new concepts with an inclusive sample of screened participants. During our sprint, I made sure to build the team’s understanding and capacity for human-centered design. As a result, they have continued to apply these methods independently.


Character Lab: Innovation Strategy

Character Lab is a nonprofit founded by Angela Duckworth (MacArthur “genius”, bestselling author of Grit) translating the science of character development into tools for parents and teachers. The leadership was concerned about an unstructured and siloed approach to innovation. I facilitated a 2-day team workshop where we mapped all existing processes, identified gaps, then collaborated on a org-wide innovation strategy. I continue to advise as we implement the strategy on PM software, iterate based on changing realities, conduct research, and hire resources to support.


Inkbox: Human-Centered Culture

Inkbox is a fruit-based semi-permanent tattoo that looks and feels real, but only lasts a week or two. The product is innovative and the marketing is engaging, but analytics showed clear UX issues. I started with a synthesis exercise to identify knowledge gaps across the customer’s full journey with the product, and filled those gaps with human-centered design methods. My participatory approach inspired strategic leaders and diverse team members to buy into UX for new product development. I also helped hire and mentor an internal resource to address these issues.


Dunbar: Value Discovery and Pivot

A lesser-known symptom faced by people with ADHD is the difficulty they have maintaining long-term friendships. Dunbar is an app that helps. I supported this project in its very early stages, and helped the founder articulate, explore, and test value propositions and user interface concepts. We mapped out key research questions and prioritized them into a a series of tests to validate our approach before investing heavily. The process drew some key assumptions into question which contributed to a key strategic pivot.


Mindful Gateway: Lean Product Design

The Mindful Gateway team works in-person to create mindful and compassionate workplace cultures using evidence-based training programs. I was brought in to see how tech might support. On a very tight budget, I managed to run a full product design process. I can’t share details until the app is released, but our process included hyper-lean versions of initial discovery, information architecture, ideation, prototyping, testing, and analysis. As the client was non-technical, I saved them headaches by executing a seamless hand-off to devs through prototypes, assets, and detailed specifications.


Opencare: UX Research & Service Design

Worked full time hours on-site for 2 months, supporting project management, developing user research initiatives, mentoring the product team through lean UX sprints, and leading strategic service blueprinting exercises. Generated 50 product development opportunities, and the first 2 were implemented with a statistically significant 37% increase in conversion.


Women's College Hospital: BRIDGES

Led incubated teams through human-centered design process, made tactical contributions in ethnographic research, wireframes, design thinking workshops and more. Topics included end-of-life planning, access to resources, self-tracking, remote post-discharge interventions, and personal support worker tools. 


TED, Delta Airlines and IDEO

After a week of design thinking workshops exploring the future of flight at TEDActive 2011, I delivered a talk on the conference stage. Our work landed on a “Beta Plane” which rotated through the fleet, prototyping new ideas with live passengers.  I was featured in a video about the project which was featured on TED in 2011.


Cirque Du Soleil: International UX Testing

In order to conduct parallel international usability tests in different languages, I devised a method to conduct and record foreign-language sessions using live interpreters and bilingual moderators. We used this method to test Cirque's new website in parallel with users from Canada, USA, China and Germany.


UNESCO: Interactive Data Visualization

Redesigned an online statistical database for specialists in almost 200 countries. Project involved user research, requirements, information architecture, wireframes, rapid prototypes, and UX testing/iteration. Despite international scope and technical nature, we won an award and I presented the project at the 2010 European Congress in Digital Archiving in Geneva, Switzerland.


LexisNexis: Discovery and Synthesis

Contextual analysis, ethnographic observation, and semi-structured interviews to study lawyers across Canada. Synthesized data to develop scenarios and validate design hypotheses. Communicated opportunities to improve the legal research database, including medium-fidelity wireframes illustrating potential solutions which I tested with users.


Canadian Institute for Health Information

Supplemented existing research with my own survey data to generate personas and get stakeholder consensus. Led a full human-centered design process, including strategy, information architecture, UI design, prototyping, remote UX testing across Canada, design iteration, and specification for developers.


Videotron: UI for iTV

Designed channel navigation and program guide interfaces for interactive cable television system. I conducted meticulous user research on different design directions to empower good decisions. Text input via remote was a particular challenge, and I was invited to publish and present my solution at EuroITV in Belgium.


Agendize: UX Design and Specification

Developed a user experience strategy by aligning user needs with project requirements. Created information architecture, user workflows, wireframes and medium-fidelity interactive prototype for user experience tests. Iterated design concepts and delivered comprehensive specifications for developers.