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Photo Credit: Rachel O'Neill

Photo Credit: Rachel O'Neill

Paying it forward with gratitude.

Over the past decade, mindfulness has become a major part of both my personal and professional life. Out of gratitude for those who’ve guided me, I’ve started guiding others. It’s a big responsibility, so for that reason, it’s worth sharing a bit about my experience:

  • Fairly consistent daily practice for over the past 10 years, exploring of a wide range of specific practice techniques and approaches

  • 2 months of intensive residential training @ Monastic Academy in Lowell, Vermont

  • Many extended retreats and courses in traditional and science-based approaches (Goenka Vipassana, Plum Village, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, etc).

  • Completed Core + Foundations Teacher Training with Unified Mindfulness

  • Participated in 2016 Summer Research Institute, a week-long residential program with the Mind & Life Institute intersecting academia and contemplative practice.

  • Partnered with Mindful Gateway and Brain Spa to lead mindfulness sessions for high-performing teams at major organizations.

  • Helped write 50+ guided meditations used by hundreds of thousands of people.


Want to Practice Together?

I lead mindfulness sessions in corporations, governments, startups, non-profits, and my community. I take a secular, evidence-based approach, offering support for individuals and teams.


One-on-One Coaching
Affordable personal sessions offered remotely or face-to-face (Toronto).

Weekly Group Sessions
Regular sessions for small teams looking for more work-life balance.


Curriculum-based Programs
Custom mindfulness training programs for your specific context.