User Experience + Mindfulness


Beyond my work on mindful technologies, I am also helping organize community events and leading mindfulness groups in organizations.

A Mindful Society is a purpose-driven, profit-neutral social initiative established to advance mindfulness and compassion in society.

Our annual event draws leaders from around the world who are championing mindfulness in their personal and professional lives. We provide access to education, leading-edge applications and contemplative experiences, all within the context of a like-minded community. So far, our events have attracted hundreds of attendees and included world-renowned speakers like Dan Siegel, Judson Brewer, Thupten Jinpa, James Doty, Shauna Shapiro, Brother Phap Hai, Chris Ruane, Don Morrison, Norm Farb, Zindel Segal, and many more.

We’ve taken a unique human-centered design approach to help tailor the conference to the needs of the community. I’ve used surveys and large-scale collaborative design thinking workshops to help us define each year's theme, evaluate proposals based on audience needs, brief our speakers on audience expectations, and more.



Facilitating Mindfulness in Organizations

I facilitate mindfulness groups in corporations, governments, startups, non-profits, and my community. I take a secular, evidence-based approach, guiding teams through the practice, presenting the latest science, and providing practical tips for daily life.

  • One-on-One Coaching
    Personal sessions offered remotely or face-to-face in the Toronto area.

  • Weekly Group Sessions
    Regular casual sessions for small teams looking for work-life balance and team culture.

  • Intensive Training Programs
    I serve as a Corporate Trainer for Mindful Gateway Consulting, where I help lead intensive training programs for major organizations. We combine an experiential learning approach with didactic teaching about the latest science underlying the practice.


My Experience and Training

To guide others in mindfulness practice is an enormous responsibility, so I feel it’s important to share my level of experience. I’ve maintained a consistent practice for over 10 years, including many extended retreats and specific training programs in a wide range of traditions.

  • 2 months of intensive residential training @ Monastic Academy in Lowell, Vermont

  • Many extended retreats and courses in traditional and science-based approaches (Goenka Vipassana, Plum Village, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, etc).

  • Completed Core + Foundations Teacher Training with Unified Mindfulness

  • Participated in 2016 Summer Research Institute, a week-long residential program with the Mind & Life Institute intersecting academia and contemplative practice.

  • Led mindfulness sessions for high-performing teams at major organizations and community groups.

  • Helped write 50+ guided meditations used by hundreds of thousands of people, including the ghostwriting of a mindfulness program for a world-famous teacher and bestselling author.