User Experience + Mindfulness


Many can benefit from increased awareness and access to mindfulness. That’s why I’m passionate about integrating it into society through coaching and community.

A Mindful Society is a purpose-driven, profit-neutral social initiative established to advance mindfulness and compassion in society.

Our annual event draws leaders from around the world championing mindfulness in their personal and professional lives. Our events have featured world-renowned speakers like Dan Siegel, Judson Brewer, Jim Doty, Shauna Shapiro, Chris Ruane, Zindel Segal, and many more. I helped start the initiative and for the past 5 years, I’ve applied a design thinking approach to engage the audience and help define our content.



As a mindfulness coach, I guide individuals and groups through practice, concepts, inquiry, and the latest science.

I’ve maintained a consistent practice for over 10 years, including many extended retreats (Monastic Academy, Shinzen Young, Plum Village, Goenka Vipassana, MBSR, Sharon Salzberg, etc.) and facilitator training programs (Unified Mindfulness Core & Foundations, Mind & Life, etc.). I’ve led groups at major organizations and created guided meditations used by 100000s of people. If you’re interested in bringing mindfulness into your personal or professional life, we can take one of the following approaches:

  • One-on-One Coaching (remote or face-to-face)

  • Casual Group Sessions (in-person with your team)

  • Evidence-Based Training (through Mindful Gateway)