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Interactively mediating experiences of mindfulness meditation.
Jay Vidyarthi & Bernhard Riecke - Feb 2014. Journal article published in the International Journal for Human-Computer Studies.

Could an Interactive Medium Introduce Non-Practitioners to Mindfulness Meditation?
Jay Vidyarthi & Bernhard Riecke - May 2013. Paper published and presented at the 1st International Conference on Mindfulness in Rome, Italy.

Mediated Meditation: Cultivating Mindfulness with Sonic Cradle.
Jay Vidyarthi & Bernhard Riecke - Apr 2013. Paper published and presented at CHI 2013 in Paris, France.

Sonic Cradle: Evoking Mindfulness through ‘Immersive’ Interaction Design.
Jay Vidyarthi - Dec 2012. M.Sc. Thesis defended at Simon Fraser University (SIAT) in Vancouver.

Sonic Cradle: Designing for an Immersive Experience of Meditation by Connecting Respiration to Music. 
Jay Vidyarthi, Bernhard Riecke & Diane Gromala - June 2012. Paper published and presented at DIS 2012 in Newcastle.
[Award winner: peer reviewed in top 2.5% of all papers]

Encouraging Meditative Experiences through Respiratory-Musical Interaction.
Jay Vidyarthi, Bernhard Riecke & Diane Gromala - May 2012. Paper published and presented at GRAND 2012 in Montreal. 

Are you Immersed? Characterizing Immersion across Literature, Art and Interactive Media. 
Jay Vidyarthi, Bernhard Riecke & Diane Gromala - Sept 2011. Paper published and presented at SLSA 2011 in Kitchener.

Sympathetic Guitar: Human Social Response to Remote Interaction Paradigms in Abstract, Expressive Contexts
Jay Vidyarthi, Bernhard Riecke & Alissa Antle - Aug 2011. Paper published and presented at Computational Aesthetics 2011 in Vancouver.

Sympathetic Guitar: Can a Digitally-Augmented Guitar be a Social Entity? 
Jay Vidyarthi, Alissa N. Antle & Bernhard Riecke - May 2011. Work-in-progress published and poster presentation at CHI 2011 in Vancouver.

Human-Computer Interaction: the missing piece of the Records Management puzzle?
Steve Bailey & Jay Vidyarthi - September 2010. Journal article published at Records Management Journal.

Using Multiple iTV Displays for the Simultaneous Comparative Evaluation of Parallel Prototypes
PA Lapointe, Jay Vidyarthi & Joelle Stemp - June 2010. Paper published and presented at EuroITV 2010 in Tampere.

Rich Internet Resources: Designing Complex Web-Based Information Archives
Jay Vidyarthi - April 2010. Paper published and presented at ECA 2010 in Geneva.