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Our Lives are Becoming Comfortable Illusions

We call rapid proliferation on the internet “going viral” for a reason: Ideas spread online exponentially, like viruses. Where viruses hijack our biology, viral memes hijack our minds. In both cases, problems arise when we can’t adapt… more on Modus

A sustainable rhythm for lean UX sprints.

By now, you’ve probably heard about GV’s Design Sprint process. Jake Knapp and colleagues have effectively married the best of design and product thinking into a lean, thoughtful process. Design-hipster alert: I first read… more on


Sonic Cradle: designing for an immersive experience of meditation

Sonic Cradle is a chamber of complete darkness where users shape a peaceful soundscape using only their respiration. This interactive system was designed to foster a meditative experience by facilitating users' sense of… more at ACM Digital Library


A sustainable rhythm for lean UX sprints.

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Interactively mediating experiences of mindfulness meditation.
Jay Vidyarthi & Bernhard Riecke - Feb 2014. Journal article published in the International Journal for Human-Computer Studies.

Could an Interactive Medium Introduce Non-Practitioners to Mindfulness Meditation?
Jay Vidyarthi & Bernhard Riecke - May 2013. Paper published and presented at the 1st International Conference on Mindfulness in Rome, Italy.

Mediated Meditation: Cultivating Mindfulness with Sonic Cradle.
Jay Vidyarthi & Bernhard Riecke - Apr 2013. Paper published and presented at CHI 2013 in Paris, France.

Sonic Cradle: Evoking Mindfulness through ‘Immersive’ Interaction Design.
Jay Vidyarthi - Dec 2012. M.Sc. Thesis defended at Simon Fraser University (SIAT) in Vancouver.

Sonic Cradle: Designing for an Immersive Experience of Meditation by Connecting Respiration to Music. 
Jay Vidyarthi, Bernhard Riecke & Diane Gromala - June 2012. Paper published and presented at DIS 2012 in Newcastle.
[Award winner: peer reviewed in top 2.5% of all papers]

Encouraging Meditative Experiences through Respiratory-Musical Interaction.
Jay Vidyarthi, Bernhard Riecke & Diane Gromala - May 2012. Paper published and presented at GRAND 2012 in Montreal. 

Are you Immersed? Characterizing Immersion across Literature, Art and Interactive Media. 
Jay Vidyarthi, Bernhard Riecke & Diane Gromala - Sept 2011. Paper published and presented at SLSA 2011 in Kitchener.

Sympathetic Guitar: Human Social Response to Remote Interaction Paradigms in Abstract, Expressive Contexts
Jay Vidyarthi, Bernhard Riecke & Alissa Antle - Aug 2011. Paper published and presented at Computational Aesthetics 2011 in Vancouver.

Sympathetic Guitar: Can a Digitally-Augmented Guitar be a Social Entity? 
Jay Vidyarthi, Alissa N. Antle & Bernhard Riecke - May 2011. Work-in-progress published and poster presentation at CHI 2011 in Vancouver.

Human-Computer Interaction: the missing piece of the Records Management puzzle?
Steve Bailey & Jay Vidyarthi - September 2010. Journal article published at Records Management Journal.

Using Multiple iTV Displays for the Simultaneous Comparative Evaluation of Parallel Prototypes
PA Lapointe, Jay Vidyarthi & Joelle Stemp - June 2010. Paper published and presented at EuroITV 2010 in Tampere.

Rich Internet Resources: Designing Complex Web-Based Information Archives
Jay Vidyarthi - April 2010. Paper published and presented at ECA 2010 in Geneva.