User Experience + Mindfulness



User Experience, Human-Centered Design, Product Strategy, Usability Testing, Interface Design, Ideation, User Research, Information Architecture, Data Science, Rapid Prototyping…

…let’s just call itgood design’.

There’s a lot of jargon in my field, but it boils down to this: coming up with an idea is the easy part. Executing in a way that truly meets people where they’re at is much harder. The key is putting your audience at the heart of your design process. Whether you're an intern, a designer, a researcher, a director, an executive, or a founder - actively listening to those you serve is not optional.

As a design generalist, I can help build this capacity into your team. The approach varies, but it usually starts with identifying the gaps with your existing process. Spoiler alert: one of your gaps is most likely a lack of embedded user research and rapid prototyping in your workflow. I usually work as either a coach or collaborator, addressing a current need while simultaneously building the team’s internal capacity to continue the process.

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The core of Jay’s strength as a designer is his deep empathy for the people who his design decisions will affect. From this empathy Jay derives valuable insights, data and context that he shares with everyone around him, improving their work and ultimately improving the product.
— Trevor Coleman (co-founder, Interaxon)
His research abilities and innovative methodologies shared with a profound respect of teamwork have won the mutual respect of his peers and clients.
— Joelle Stemp (GM & founder, Yu Centrik)
The years he’s spent refining his craft are evident when you work with him. Even though we only spend a little bit of time with him each week, he is able to deliver a disproportional amount of value.
— Christian Stiller (founder & CEO, Brightmind)
One of the most talented professionals I’ve ever had the chance to work with.
— Marcio Leibovitch (director, Work & Co)
A great mentor, very talented and patient with his students. His classes made me realize that I want to work with UX in the future and build a career, I’m very thankful for that.
— Dhanae Dias (digital strategist)
It’s not easy to be a designer and a leader; to be someone who can produce great work and equally give time and patience to teach, motivate and care for your team.
— Clara Ghandour (product designer, Cineplex)
Working with Jay has been a tremendous experience. His expert knowledge, combined with his personable approach, ensured the success of our research phase.
— Anick Losier (director, Canadian Medical Association)
I was impressed by his capacity to understand a new domain or industry and to rapidly identify the key elements that would make the user experience more efficient and enjoyable.
— Pierre-Alexandre Lapointe (UX group lead, GIRO)
Jay’s knack for creating engaging user experiences for beginners and advanced users alike enabled us to increase our conversion and retention rates over 300% each.
— Tim McKillican (president, Open Avenue)